Artist Statement

My artwork represents the connection between my mind’s unconscious thoughts, experiences, and emotions to the conscious world. Inspired by the philosophy of artist, Salvador Dali, and the perspective dimensions of Master Print-Maker, M.C. Escher, I have discovered the love of creating worlds that originate from my dreams. My dreams have always been extremely vivid a far as I can remember. Later in life, I learned to create worlds in my dreams through the process of lucid dreaming. My artwork is surrealism that is plugged into our modern digital world. My process will start off with a lucid dream. After waking up, I quickly sketch out the world I envisioned, trying to piece together the environment, its objects, anything I can remember. I then composite photographs together in combination with digital illustrations. The connection of Surrealism and dreaming is something that has fascinated me through out my years of studying and creating artwork. Where does our minds go when we all fall asleep at night?



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